Rise of the Anarcho-Statists Part II: Jared “The Drug War Isn’t a Priority of Mine” Howe

(Originally published July 8, 2017 at johnmhudak.wordpress.com)

As many in the liberty movement are aware, the rise of Donald Trump has resulted in an influx of alt-right ideology into libertarian circles. I discussed this extensively in my recent article, Trump Libertarians: Rise of the Anarcho-Statists, but this time I’d like to focus on one individual in particular. This individual so perfectly exemplifies the problems brought on by the recent trend of anarcho-statism: a perfect storm of fascism, general authoritarianism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism. His name is Jared Howe.

Howe, who calls himself an “austro-libertarian”, was once a run of the mill anarcho-capitalist who even supported open borders. However, a look back at his work from the past few years shows a gradual descent into the dark corners of authoritarianism, a label which he no longer rejects. He has even gone as far as to advocate for fascism as a means of bringing about a libertarian society, an idea ludicrous to anyone who understands the true nature of government.jared fasc

As evidenced by the growth of the United States government over the past hundred years, once you give a government the power to do something, it is almost impossible to turn back the clock. When thinking about granting a new power to a government, one must always remember that social security was supposed to be a temporary measure. Today, it has morphed into what most in politics view as a sacred cow that cannot be taken away, even if many believe that it is completely unsustainable. The idea of giving government, a group of people that most libertarians would not trust to babysit their kids, the absolute power that accompanies fascism is frankly absurd. Those in power, especially those engaging in totalitarian rule, are not typically apt to relinquishing it. Just as we rejected George W. Bush’s idea that we must abandon free-market principles to save the free-market system, we must reject Howe’s idea that we must abandon our libertarian ideals in order to bring about libertarianism.

The existence of people like Jared Howe in the dark corners of the internet is not new, nor is it surprising. What is special about this situation, however, is his presence in mainstream libertarian circles. Howe contributes to Liberty Hangout, a popular right-leaning libertarian website. Until recently, he was the assistant multimedia director for Being Libertarian, one of the largest libertarian websites on the internet. Calls for his removal from his position became louder recently after what can only be described as his rampant anti-Semitism seemed to intensify, or at least become more public.

One does not have to look far to find an example of this; in his letter announcing his resignation (which he described as a decision that “wasn’t exactly mutual”), Howe called out his critics for using “out of context screenshots” of his social media posts in order to damage his reputation. Ironically, he showed his true colors only two paragraphs later, when he accused his detractors at Being Libertarian of silencing “right-wing perspectives” on “the Jewish question.”

This, of course, is far from the only recent instance of anti-Semitic rhetoric from Howe. His social media accounts feature frequent disparaging remarks toward people of Jewish origin, as well as the use of the “three parentheses” used by neo-Nazi groups to identify Jews.         jaredparentheses

Jared’s hatred does not extend only to Jews; he has also expressed a preference for racism in general. In a Facebook post on March 10, Howe wrote “Being a leftist is worse than being a racist.” When pressed by one of his followers who contended that there is nothing wrong with racism, Howe wrote, “Being a rapist is worse than being a husband. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to be a husband.” Howe also frequently complains of immigrants from Somalia living in his home state, writing “These people need to be deported.”

This hateful collectivism is everything the liberty movement is supposed to stand against. People are to be judged as individuals, not for the actions of others who may have the same skin color, religion, or national origin as them. As the great libertarian Ron Paul once wrote, “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans only as members of groups and never as individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike; as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups.”

Howe and others who share his worldview would dismiss my critique of judging people collectively instead of as individuals as “virtue signaling,” although Howe himself is often guilty of virtue signaling to the right. Instead of saying that it’s wrong to judge people based on the color of their skin, Howe’s virtue signaling is based upon cultural conservatism, such as his incoherent Facebook status below:ohjared

The idea that the cultural conservative (i.e. heterosexual) version of the “monogamous, pair-bonded family” is the “first and last defense” of private property is nonsensical and only serves to throw a bone to the far-right groups he attempts to appeal to. There is no reason that a homosexual couple or two (or more) people living together as roommates would not be able to defend their private property as well as or better than a traditional heterosexual family. This is not to disparage monogamous heterosexual relationships in any way; I’m in one myself, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But to say that having a preference for traditionalism is inherently libertarian is incorrect; this would be the case even if Howe’s statement above about defense of private property was true. Having a preference for something that you believe will create a better outcome is not inherently libertarian, nor is the opposite true. There’s nothing “inherently libertarian” about supporting any type of consensual relationship between adults over another; it is simply a preference. What is libertarian is believing that consenting adults should be able to do as they please, as long as they are not aggressing upon anyone else.

I sincerely applaud those at Being Libertarian who were involved with Jared’s removal from the leadership of the site, and I believe that the rest of the liberty movement should follow suit in condemning his beliefs and actions described above. I hereby call upon Justin Moldow and the rest of the Liberty Hangout team to speak out against Jared’s more incendiary and hateful beliefs. I ask the same of anyone who cares about liberty. When I started doing the research for my original Anarcho-Statists article, it hit me that I did not want prospective libertarians and the rest of the world to think that our movement is about hate, collectivist thinking, and pandering to fascists. I feel the same way today. We are a movement of people who share a common belief in self-ownership, non-aggression, and freedom, and we must never forget that.


10 thoughts on “Rise of the Anarcho-Statists Part II: Jared “The Drug War Isn’t a Priority of Mine” Howe

  1. Leave it to another (((writer))) to disparage the only person standing up and fighting for the real and white America. Jared isn’t a racist or an antisemite, he is a race realist who understands that we are on the verge of an all our race war pushed onto us by the Jews. Disgusting culture chucks like you try to discredit him and Liberty Hangout because they don’t fit your cultural Marxist views. We will make America great again, even if it is by force, and we may even need to take the garbage out. So think hard and fast, would you rather be on Jared and Liberty hangouts side, fighting for the the rights of whites against genocide, or would you rather keep collecting your checks from (((Soros))).


      1. So you do admit you are being paid by the Jewish elite to push your views to discredit Liberty Hangout and Jared Howe! You probably even believe that we are a nation of “immigrants” or in the false notion of multiculturalism. Listen here, you Communist Cuck, if this were Facebook, I would block you and call you a an agent of the Jews, or I would make fun of your family or even have my legion of followers harass you, you decided not to be brace and post on (((WordPress))), so go and hide. If you were even half the man that Jared is, you would understand that the Jews seek to destroy us through race mixing with the inferior Negro, promoting homosexual acts, and subverting the Liberty movement with notions false-freedoms. I look forward when Jared and Liberty Hangout sue you for slander.


      2. George McClintock is either Jared Howe, a god-level troll, or he actually believes this nonsense he is spewing and is clearly unstable.


  2. Also… you are probably the kind of person who would attack Jared on his cunning sense of wit when destroying the (((agents))) that attack the Liberty Hangout movement –

    – Truth be told, this man is an American hero, a true Patriot to our common culture and heritage in his ardent defense of our race. Jared knows that the lives of Negros are only as valuable as a bounced Soros check, he also knows that to save this country, we must either deport or execute all immigrants who take and dilute this nation of its white heritage. I guess what I am trying to say to a Round Earth, Blue Pill, Communist, pawn of the Jews and Globalists, like yourself, is that any attack on Jared will not go unnoticed and I can assure you that other defenders of our race, heritage, and culture like Justin Moldow will come down on you with a force of a thousand Brown Shirts!


  3. I think this article is great. Leftists are trying to equate us with the alt-Right because of the work of people like Howe who help to make us all appear as if we’re on the verge of becoming fascists over some race hysteria.

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  4. Great article. Libertarianism (classical liberalism) is the way forward, toward human civilization. Racist tribalism is the way backward, to “a state of nature” or “might makes right.” Of course, racist idiots do go a long way toward showing why libertarians are opposed to government control of the education system.

    The geographical area comprising the Weimar Republic had experienced 165 years of “the Prussian model of education” in 1933, when Hitler eliminated the law in Germany with the Reichstag decree. Kristallnacht marked 170 years. The USA has had 170 years of the Prussian model of education in 2022. …We’re very lucky that the totalitarians of the USA haven’t been able to eliminate private gun ownership.


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